Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dublin Farmers' Market: May 18th

"I think it's one of the most important battles for consumers to fight: the right to know what's in their food, and how it was grown."

Joel Salatin

Is it all in a label? 

Labels are...confusing? Ambiguous? Misleading? Helpful? The answer depends on how much you know!

In an effort to help, National Geographic recently posted "An Eater's Guide to Food Labels."

Natural is not regulated or defined by the FDA, so the term can be applied freely to most processed foods or drinks. Meat, poultry, or eggs labeled “natural,” on the other hand, have to be natural.

Non-GMO or GE-free
If you care about whether your food contains genetically engineered ingredients, look to third-party certifications such as the Non-GMO project, buy USDA-certified “Organic,” or buy your groceries in Vermont starting this summer.

Certified organic
With a few exceptions, the agriculture department’s organic label means what it says.

Cage-free, free range, or free-roaming chickens/eggs
Look for the organic label, or GET TO KNOW a local egg farmer from your FARMERS MARKET.

Farm fresh or farm-to-fork 
If you want “farm fresh” food, know your farmers market vendors. If someone is selling you pineapple in Maine in February and calling it farm fresh, ask questions.

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Our vendors for Wednesday, May 18th include:

Donnie's Garden Goodies
We're All Connected
Moffitt Maple Farm
Ohio City Pasta
Made Without Grain
Oink Moo Cluck
Rhoads Farm
SaraBee Pure Honey
The Coffee Mess
Hirsch Fruit Farm
The Market Sharpener
Kettle Korn
Kennedy Farms
The Cluckwagon

Our Food Truck: The Cluckwagon

Our Community Table: Everdry Waterproofing

Join us every Wednesday, May through September from 3:30-6:30PM! 

Dublin Farmers' Market at Oakland Nursery
4261 West Dublin Granville Road
Dublin, Ohio 43017

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at info@dublinfarmersmarket.com. See you at the market!

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