Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Farmers' Market Survey

How often do you visit the farmers' market? What can we do to improve your experience?

In case you missed our first announcement, or just plain forgot, tell us what you think about the Dublin Farmers' Market by clicking here to participate in our online survey.

This survey is being conducted as a group project for the Leadership Dublin organization. Leadership Dublin has been given the task of helping the Dublin Farmers’ Market increase visibility in the community and attract new business. We appreciate your honest feedback and hope to see you at the Dublin Farmers’ Market in 2012!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Dublin Farmers' Market?

It's a beautiful thing, a farmers' market. And with market season in full swing, we start to consider why our market stands out. What makes us special? Why shop the Dublin Farmers' Market instead of another?

You can find a farmers' market on just about every corner, in every neighborhood of Columbus. Week night, weekend, weekday lunch hour. In the alley, at your church, or even at a shopping mall. Producer only, Ohio only... The list goes on, but what does it all mean? And why should you shop at the Dublin Farmers' Market?

In its third year, the Dublin Farmers' Market will host 20 vendors from around the state. From Chillicothe to Ridgeway, and everywhere in between (including right here in Dublin), our vendors represent a diverse array of products including fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, baked goods, honey, jam, flowers, bread and so much more. If you've been to the market, you can attest to the options one has.

But really, you're asking, "What makes the Dublin Farmers' Market better?" Well, it's simple--our vendors, and a desire for high quality, local goods! Since early in 2008, we have worked tirelessly on creating a vibrant marketplace. One that would re-energize the community and their passion for eating local. One that could bridge the gap between farmers and the food that graces your table.

Our vendors are farmers, bread bakers, and food artisans. When you're at the Dublin Farmers' Market, you're talking with the person who grew the food, or one that works on the farm. You're talking to a Dublin resident who makes jam in her kitchen. Our vendors are strictly prohibited from purchasing food from wholesale or terminal operations, meaning you'll never talk to a middle man.

We are a market that stands for quality and diversity, and among all other things, the Dublin Farmers' Market provides a productive marketplace for farmers and food artisans. We are committed to education and community building, not just within Dublin, but beyond.

We invite you to join us each and every Wednesday through September. For more information please visit our website at www.dublinfarmersmarket.com.

Monday, July 11, 2011

RECIPE: Maple Fruit Dip

Maple Fruit Dip

Recipe from: Moffitt Maple Farm

8 oz. cream cheese
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Let cream cheese come to room temperature. Add maple syrup and vanilla. Mix well. Serve with fruit such as sliced apples, pears, pineapple, strawberries, or grapes.

Variation: Add chopped walnuts or pecans and mix well.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kids at the Market!

Celebrate the warmer temperatures by joining us at the Dublin Farmers' Market this Wednesday, June 1st from 3:30-6:30PM for Kids at the Market! This month, we welcome the Washington Township Fire Department and continue our journey through the Farmers' Market Passport Program. Help us spread the word--tell your friends and family!

We look forward to seeing you at the market this Wednesday, and every Wednesday through September!

Dublin Farmers' Market
At the Dublin Community Church in Historic Dublin
81 West Bridge Street

Every Wednesday, May through September
June, July, and August, 3:30-6:30PM
September, 4:30-6:30PM

For more information, please visit our website at www.dublinfarmersmarket.com.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Farmers' Market Survey

How often do you visit the farmers' market? What can we do to improve your experience?

Tell us what you think about the Dublin Farmers' Market by clicking here to participate in our online survey.

This survey is being conducted as a group project for the Leadership Dublin organization. Leadership Dublin has been given the task of helping the Dublin Farmers’ Market increase visibility in the community and attract new business. We appreciate your honest feedback and hope to see you at the Dublin Farmers’ Market soon!

RECIPE: Asparagus Soup

Asparagus Soup

Serves: 8-10

8 tablespoons (1 stick) butter
3-4 cups chopped onions
8 cups chicken stock
2 pounds asparagus
1/2 cup cream
salt and pepper
lemon thyme or dill

Heat butter in soup pot. Add onions and cook until tender. (If using dried herbs, add here. If you're using fresh, add with salt and pepper.) Add stock; bring to a boil.

Cut tips off asparagus; reserve. Chop stems and add to pot. Simmer gently until asparagus is very tender, 15-20 minutes.

Puree in a food processor and return to pot. Add tips; cook gently 5-10 minutes.

Stir in cream. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RECIPE: Maple Cream Fudge

Maple Cream Fudge
(also known as Penuche)

Recipe from: Moffitt Maple Farm

3 cups maple syrup
1 cup cream
1 tablespoon corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla (optional)
walnuts (optional)

Butter or spray 8 x 8 pan.

Mix cream, maple syrup and corn syrup in three quart pan. (You can be on the generous side with the cream and corn syrup.) Stir and heat until mixture starts to boil. Stop stirring. Reduce heat to medium low and cook to soft ball stage (140˚). Remove from heat and cool to lukewarm (about 115˚). Add vanilla and walnuts. Beat until mixture goes dull. Immediately pour into 8 x 8 pan and press flat with spoon or spatula. Fudge will set up quickly. Cut and enjoy.

This is sometimes called penuche or maple penuche.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Know Your Producer: Jam-Tastic Homemade Jams

Help us celebrate the 2011 Dublin Farmers' Market, and the vendors that make it special! We invite you to meet our farmers and producers to learn more about what makes our market so special.

Today, we sit down with Pamela Smith of Jam-Tastic Homemade Jams.

DFM: Tell us about how you got started making jam?

PS: My mother made jams when I was growing up. My favorite was her Spiced Peach. Christmas mornings for us meant a big breakfast with popovers and Spiced Peach Jam. When we moved to Ohio in 2006, I was surprised to find that peaches grew here--I always thought of them as a “southern” fruit. So that first summer I got the jam recipe from my sister, and I’ve been expanding and exploring new flavors ever since.

DFM: What kind of products should we expect from your market stand?

PS: I offer a wide variety of fruit jams and spreads, featuring unique flavor combinations as well as traditional favorites. For instance, my Dutch Apple Pie Jam does indeed taste like pie without the crust, and Strawberry Banana tastes like a smoothie. But for those who prefer the less “adventurous,” Classic Strawberry or Red Raspberry are proven winners. All of the jams are produced by hand (yes, I chop each peach and mash each blackberry), contain only fruit, sugar and pectin (no preservatives), and are minimally processed to retain the essence of the fruits. I encourage everyone to by stop and taste a sample.

DFM: Have you made any changes since becoming part of the Dublin Farmers’ Market?

PS: I would say that being a part of the Dublin Farmers' Market is actually a part of my overall “change.” We chose Dublin as a place to live because the sense of community here was so apparent. At this stage of my life, I find myself reaching outward--outside my family, beyond “career," to really feel a part of our community. So my Farmers' Market participation, along with my volunteering efforts, and singing (part time) with the Dublin Singers, are all part of an effort to feel connected with the community.

Perhaps the most unexpected benefit of my involvement with the market has been hearing back from customers about new and different ways they have enjoyed my jams. One woman told me she had used Spiced Peach Jam to glaze a ham. Another said she served Cherry Almond Jam spread over brie cheese, sprinkled with almond slivers. Still another had used my Ginger Pear Jam as a filling for cupcakes. Jam is certainly not just for breakfast anymore!

DFM: What are your favorite flavors?

PS: My personal favorite is Raspberry Peach. To me, it just tastes like summer. You might be familiar with the dessert Peach Melba (vanilla ice cream with sliced peaches in a Melba [Raspberry] Sauce). I just knew the flavors would combine beautifully.

My most popular flavor is Triple Berry, which combines strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. It makes such a full, rich blend that I call it my “can’t miss” jam.

DFM: We often hear the word “localvore” what does that mean to you; why do you think it’s important that the local people come visit the Farmers’ Market?

PS: There are obvious environmental advantages to eating foods that don’t have to be transported great distances. And certainly fresher foods--those that don’t have to be harvested before they are really ripe--just taste better. But I also feel that part of the appeal of eating locally is that you get to know the people who are producing your food. It harkens back to a time when all your food was grown or made by friends or family. There is a sense of trust built between producer and consumer, almost as if anyone who enjoys my jams has been invited to my home kitchen.

DFM: What do you think the future will hold for you and your business?

PS: Up until now, I have always bought the fruit for my jams. But I recently planted my first few berry bushes, and would like to grow more of my own fruit.

DFM: If you weren’t making jam, what do you think you would be doing?

PS: I’ve had a long unrealized dream of writing children’s books. I have a few stories ready to go, just in need of an illustrator and publisher. I like the idea of leaving a written legacy for my children and grandchildren.

DFM: If we looked inside your fridge, what would we see?

PS: I actually had to peek myself to answer this… What struck me was the image of an accommodator. Everyone in the family has an individual water bottle (some plain, some flavored), there are 3 different types of juices, 2 different types of milk; nobody has to compromise! We have lots of cheese, and shelves full of condiments, but my guilty pleasure is in the freezer. I confess to an ice cream addiction!

DFM: Any last thoughts you would like to share?

PS: Here is my family recipe for Popovers. As they “pop over” the pan while baking, the insides are hollow. So the hole inside makes a perfect spot for loading up with butter and Jam-Tastic Jam! Enjoy!


6 Tbsp butter or margarine
6 eggs
2 cups milk
2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp salt

1. In small saucepan, melt butter. Grease well 18 muffin tins (the newer the better).

2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In large bowl, with mixer at low speed, beat eggs until frothy; beat in milk and melted butter until blended. Beat in flour and salt until batter is smooth.

3. Fill each muffin tin ¾ full with batter. (Note: put water in any muffin tin cups that are not being used by batter to keep the pan from burning.) Bake 40-45 minutes, then make small slit in top of each popover to let out steam. Bake 8-10 minutes longer. Immediately remove popovers from tins. Serve piping hot.

Yield: 18 popovers

Thursday, April 14, 2011

20 Days and Counting...

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." La Rochefoucauld

It's been a few months since we opened our refrigerators to find them stocked full of beautiful heirloom vegetables, fresh Ohio fruits and cuts of meat from our favorite farmer. We have since used the last of our local honey and homemade jam. And fresh cut flowers, well, those haven't been seen for some time either.

With much excitement, we are pleased to announce that the Dublin Farmers' Market will open on Wednesday, May 4th at 4:30PM in the parking lot of the Dublin Community Church in Historic Dublin. New hours, new vendors and new events will make for an exciting third season. Our vendors for the 2011 season include:

Blue Jacket Dairy
Hirsch Fruit Farm
It's My Thyme!
Jam-Tastic Homemade Jams
JJ's Basket
Mockingbird Meadows Honey and Herb Farm
Moffitt Maple Farm
Oink Moo Cluck Farms
Rhoads Farm
SaraBee Pure Honey
Speckled Hen Farm
Spring Haven Farms
VanScoy Farms
Wayward Seed Farm
Weed Knob Acres

If your refrigerator is bare and your cupboards are empty, visit the Dublin Farmers' Market to make them full again!

Starting this season, parents with kids in tow will have the opportunity to participate in the FARMERS' MARKET PASSPORT PROGRAM, Your Passport to Health. The Farmers' Market Passport Program is designed to make the market experience fun, yet educational for children visiting the market. Each child will receive a passport at his or her first market and prizes along the way for completed activities ranging from word scrambles and scavenger hunts, to learning the food pyramid and hands-on demonstrations.

In addition to the FARMERS' MARKET PASSPORT PROGRAM, the Dublin Farmers' Market will now welcome SNAP benefits and offer "ATM" service for patrons of the market. Visit our market tent for more details.

Dublin Farmers' Market
81 West Bridge Street
Dublin, Ohio 43017

Every Wednesday, May through September
May and September, 4:30-6:30PM
June, July, and August, 3:30-6:30PM

For more information, or questions related to any of our services, please contact us via email at info@dublinfarmersmarket.com. We'll see you at the market!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year

To all our friends, Happy New Year from the Dublin Farmers' Market!

As we begin to welcome vendors, old and new, to the 2011 Dublin Farmers' Market, we can't help but to think about where we might be, or not be, without your support. It is of the utmost importance to us that we fulfill your needs and maintain a productive marketplace for farmers and artisans alike. We look forward to what the new year may bring us, and hope you feel the same.

With that said, we'd love to hear your feedback. Is there a certain something you're looking for, but just can't find it at the market? Do you have a favorite farmer that you'd like to see in Dublin? Whatever it is, send it our way--email us at info@dublinfarmersmarket.com.

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for quick updates and information.

Here's to a joyful and prosperous year, and to the many seasons to come!

Dublin Farmers' Market